Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I've been really bad this week about taking pictures.  I set myself the goal of taking pictures everyday, and this week was the week I went a day without picking up my camera.  Some days you have the enthusiasm and inspiration, and some days you just don't .  No excuses though, and no wallowing.  I'm picking myself, and my camera, back up and finding inspiration again.  I looked out my window yesterday, and noticed that our peach tree has its first blossom.  I guess spring must be on its way.   So here is the inspiration I found.  A little flower on a naked branch.  What promise it holds.  What a story it tells of the miracle of spring, and a new beginning.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Dinner....It's a family affair.

Family is a wonderful thing, and when the family is working together there is nothing better.  My hubby, Craig, was making pizza for dinner the other night, and the kids were eager to help.  Being a good dad, he allowed them to participate in the preparation and construction of the meal.  It was such a wonderful moment to observe.  Dad giving instruction on how to handle and stretch the dough, and the kids doing their best to follow the directions without error.  The final product was delicious, but I think the process was more wonderful.  

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Sunday Afternoon

How do I keep my mind on things that are good?  Just keep my mind on my kids and what they are doing. This is a picture catalogue of a Sunday afternoon with two active kids.  One of whom was sick mind you.  You'd never have guessed.

 Oh, and an active husband.

 It was a busy afternoon.

Monday, February 7, 2011

The unsung heroes.

I am a member of the PTA at my kids school, and I am the Programming Director.  Sounds impressive, and it's a lot of fun.  I get to find and invite various individuals and programs to visit and perform for the kids, all paid for by the PTA.  Today we had a presentation by South Bay Wildlife Rehab for the 3rd Graders.  Essentially, they are a non-profit organization that rehabilitate injured, orphaned and sick birds and wildlife in the South Bay area.  They brought along with them a few birds that they have that are not releasable into the wild because of injuries sustained that result in them being unable to feed or defend themselves.  One of the birds was a magnificent red tailed hawk that electrocuted itself in the power lines and lost part of her right wing.

Another was a great horned owl who only had 1 working claw on her right foot.

Then there was the tiny little screech owl who sustained an eye injury when the tree he was living in was cut down while he was still in it.  And the magnificent barn owl who has a wing injury that doesn't allow her to fully extend her left wing.

It was only after the program was finished and I was talking to one of the teachers that I found out that the South Bay Wildlife Rehab doesn't own any buildings.  The whole organization is run by volunteers from their homes.  If you call them with a sick or injured bird, one of their 70+ volunteers will take the bird and rehabilitate it.  At home.  They keep the birds and look after them.  Feed them.  Care for them.  At home. 
So this blog is dedicated to the unsung heroes.  The volunteers who care for sick and injured creatures.  Who raise orphaned birds and teach them to hunt, and survive. They have a 70% successful release rate.  They are heroes in my book.  Here's to them.