Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday, February 18, 2013


When Dylan was about 4, he said something to me that has stuck with me, and that I think about often. We were in the car and his little voice piped up, "Mom, God is love, right?"
"Yes, Dyl, God is love."
"And God is everywhere, right?"
"Yes.  God is everywhere."
"Then that means..." he said in his soft thoughtful voice, "then that means that love is everywhere."

Wow.  Out of the mouths of babes.  I had never thought about it like that before.  It makes perfect sense, so much so that my 4 year old could see it.  And yet it was a completely new thought to me.  A new perspective, a brand new way to look at the world.

I'd like to say that I absorbed that lesson on that day, and I've seen love around me ever since.  I think it's more realistic to say that I am more intentional at looking for the love around me, and I'm better at it on some days more than others.

Since last week was Valentine's Day, it was inevitable that the theme for Project 52 was "Love."  So many ways to photograph love.  A look, a hug, a kiss, a cuddle. I thought I'd take a page from the "Love is all around you" book, and look for the typical symbol of love, in not so typical settings.  I looked longer and harder than I thought I might have to, but I found it.  A clover leaf, a stone on the bike path.  Not typical locations for the signs of love, but it was there non the less, because love is, after all, all around you.

Monday, February 11, 2013


The theme last week was texture.  It's really easy and really challenging all at the same time.  It's not like you have to hunt around for textures.  Texture is everywhere.  Everything has texture.  How do you isolate just one thing?  I fell back on an old favorite, and took a picture of raindrops on my windshield.  It doesn't matter how many pictures I take after the rain, they are all different. Sometimes the drops are big, sometimes small, sometimes a blend of both. Sometimes they seem to fall into a pattern, and sometimes they are completely random, but they are always beautiful, and they always have texture.

I gave some thought to the subject of texture while I was still deciding on my shot.  Everything has texture.  Everything.  Even intangible things.  Words can have texture.  Music can have texture.  A look can even have texture.  So I guess at the end of the day, our lives have texture too.  What is my texture?  Am I soft, gentle, fuzzy?  Am I hard, prickly, unyielding? Does the texture I convey to others and to the world around me reflect who I am?  Is my texture one that attracts people, or does it tell others to stay away?  My thought for the week.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

My Morning Muse

The theme for Project 52 this week is "Morning".  Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a morning person.  I am generally more a night owl.  But, the last few days I have been getting up earlier, and while it's only day 3 of early mornings for me, I am finding it quite beneficial.  Once I get over the physical challenge of lifting my body out of the warm cocoon of my bed, I'm golden.  I've exercised early, and gotten that task out of the way early in my day - always a good thing for me.  Today I saw the sun rise for the first time in I'm scared to admit how long.

I wanted to get a picture of the beach at sunrise for Project 52, and so my plan was to get up before sunrise.  Not too difficult considering sunrise today was at 6:50am.  Both kids voiced their eagerness to join me on my quest, but the pull of the duvet cocoon was simply too strong for Lily, and so it was just Dylan and I who ventured forth at the break of dawn.   We admittedly got to the beach a little late.  The color of the sky on our car ride to the beach was simply spectacular, but by the time we had parked, and walked out onto the pier, the red-golden glow had faded.  We had a great time though.  The dolphins were out playing, and if I had had my zoom lens with me, I would have pictures of them to share with you.  I had only one lens with me, and it's my newest lens, and one I have the least comfort with.  It was a gift from my hubby for Christmas, and it's the Lensbaby Muse.  It's an interesting lens, to say the least.  Focus is manual only, and when I mean manual, I really mean manual.  I won't go into the logistics of the lens, but if you are interested you can find out more about it here.

Essentially, the lens has a sweet spot of focus that you can aim and manipulate with your fingers.  I really have no idea what the best application for the lens is, or how to use it to the best of its ability.  I sometimes intentionally go out on a 'shoot' with only one lens, as it means I have to make do with what I have available, and it gets the creative juices flowing to get a good picture.  While I would have loved to have gotten some pictures of frolicking dolphins, the lens I had was simply not going to get the job done.  So instead of lamenting and wallowing over the picture I knew I couldn't get, I played around with my new lens to find out what it could do, and what pictures I could get with it. Sometimes we feel like we are losing out because we don't have the perfect lens, or the perfect shoes, or the perfect job.  If only we looked like so-and-so. If only we had her talent in that area, if only we made as much money, if only, if only, if only.  It's easy to get lost in 'if only'.  I'm trying to be intentional about making the best out of what I have, and so today was a good mental exercise for me.

Dylan and I stayed at the beach for significantly longer than I had initially expected.  The day was overcast and so there was no sunshine.  The morning was hazy and the light muted.  I honestly love the beach in winter.  The blues and grays are soft and the colors are delicate.   You will notice in each picture that only a portion is in focus.  That's the Muse.  Let me know what you think - I'd really love to know your thoughts on the pictures.