One Little Word 2015

I have decided to sign up again for Ali Edward's One Little Word.  I choose a word that becomes my focus for the year.  I did Ali's course in 2011, and will admit that I never finished it.  I've sort of decided on a word each year after, but faded out each year keeping up with making it front and center.  So I'm trying again.  This year my word is RISE.  I need to take action this year.  I need to move ahead in so many aspects of my life.  Rise has so many positive connotations.  It's rising above, rising to the challenge, rising up. It connotes strength and intention.  And rising early.  Ha. For anyone who knows me, you know how much of a challenge this will be for me.

I'm posting my journey here in the hopes that sharing it with you will both be an inspiration for me to keep up with it, and maybe an encouragement for you.

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