Tuesday, August 30, 2011


My new favourite subject to photograph is butterflies.  I think partly because they are so elusive.  Just managing to get close enough, focus, and take the picture without them fluttering away seems like a victory all in itself.  

I was going to title this blog "Showing up."  Sometimes just showing up is a challenge for me.  Some days I feel like crawling back into bed, pulling the covers over, and hibernating.  Every time I managed to get close enough to a butterfly to get a picture, it was completely unplanned.  I don't know where butterflies are going to be.  But I was there, with my camera, when they were.  On the days when I got out of bed and decided to show up, there was something spectacular to photograph.  Something that made the effort worthwhile.  And that makes it easier to get up the next day, and then the next.  

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