Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Botanic Gardens

The South Coast Botanic Gardens is one of my favorite places to take photographs.  They have subjects galore for any photographer to spend hours filling their memory cards.  Today my goal was to get a photo of a blue dragonfly.  I saw lots of them, flitting about, darting and dashing through the air.  I never once saw one land anywhere for longer than a split second.  After a drawn out chase in the children's garden, a spectacular red dragonfly seemed to break down and kindly sat in one spot while I happily snapped away.  His blue brethren, however, were not in such a giving frame of mind.  That's okay.  I feel a little like now I have a challenge, a quest, a nemesis.  Something to look forward to.  A goal to strive for.  I'm happy with the pictures I have from today, and one day I will post a picture of a blue dragonfly.  Until then, I will simply enjoy the beauty I captured today.

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