Sunday, May 22, 2011

Surprises and moments of luck.

In an effort to follow through with my intention to explore the places around me, I ventured forth this week to my local Botanic Garden.  (I never knew I had a local Botanic Garden before I went looking!)  The South Coast Botanic Garden is a wonderful place, and I will be taking my kids there in the near future.

As anticipated, there were amazing flowers that allowed me to indulge in macro lens heaven.  But as I was zooming, and focussing and snapping away at the gorgeous colours and designs of the flowers, I discovered that the flowers were not the only subjects available to me.  There were ants, and bees, and butterflies and caterpillars.  Birds, and lizards, and fish.  So here are the pictures I took.  Some were pure luck. (The bee took off just as I snapped the shutter.  I did not plan that shot.) I nearly missed the caterpillar completely.  I only noticed him by chance.  Little surprises and moments of pure luck are a part of photography that I really enjoy.

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